Chef shot dead in mistaken attack
...relatives fed up, distraught over daytime killing

A case of mistaken identity.

This is how homicide detectives have classified the shooting death of Sea Lots resident Dyke Bascombe.

Bascombe, also called "Spike", of Production Avenue, was shot several times about the body yesterday afternoon while visiting his mother.

Relatives and friends who were at the scene cried uncontrollably, as they recalled Bascombe being "a nice person who was not involved in anything".

Speaking with Sunday Express, a male relative, who identified himself as being Bascombe's cousin, said: "He was a real cool person. He was never in anything. Right now, everybody just confused as to why they kill him."

Homicide detectives say, based on information received, at around 3.30 p.m., residents heard gunshots and saw Bascombe's body lying in a track, near his mother's home. He received gunshot wounds to the head and about the lower part of his body. Residents who looked at his body said his eyes were still open.

Bascombe, a father of three girls, was employed with Ruby Tuesday, MovieTowne, as a chef. Residents who huddled in circles near the body expressed dissatisfaction at the rising murder rate.

"Everyday so is a murder, we fed up," one female resident said. "Things so bad now, is better to bury yuh children than mind them," the female resident added.

A team of detectives led by Insp Wendell Williams, and officers of the Repeat Offenders Programme, visited the scene. Investigations are continuing.