Rowley mum on row with Manning, but 'still PNM'
Member of Parliament for Diego Martin West Keith Rowley ...

Member of Parliament for Diego Martin West Keith Rowley yesterday insisted he was still a member of the People's National Movement, and refused to say whether the issue of the state of relations between himself and Prime Minister, and PNM politcal leader, Patrick Manning was discussed at the PNM General Council meeting at Balisier House, Port of Spain.

Rowley said he was still a Member of Parliament and, that as MP for Diego Martin West, he had a job to do and that he was focusing on that. He then walked to his car and left the Balisier House compound.

Following on his heels, Manning, accompanied by his wife Hazel, waved off the media, also declining to answer questions about the state of relations between himslef and Rowley, saying that all concerns would be addressed at the media conference.

However, speaking to the media at the news conference, PNM chairman Conrad Enil said he was sticking to the items that were discussed at the General Council meeting, and that he was taking no questions outside of that.

Told that Manning had said that reporters could ask their questions about the state of relations between Manning and Rowley at the press conference, Enill said Rowley was still outside and should be asked about that.

Present at the press conference were public relations officer and Health Minister Jerry Narace and PNM assistant-secretary general Rose Janniere.

Enil said matters of health, tourism, works and global finance were addressed at the meeting, with specific regard to how those aspects affect Vision 20/20.

He said that the current crime situation was "not really discussed".

Enil also announced that the party planned to host 41 meetings in 41 constituencies next Thursday, getting various ministers to talk about Government's 2009 Budget at various constituencies. Manning will speak in Fyzabad while Rowley will address the San Juan/Barataria constituency.

The PNM was also looking to review the progression towards Vision 2020, within a ten to 15 year period, and was currently setting up a technical team to assist with that, Enil said. He said this team would be in place by December, with an agenda on how to move forward.

Sources also said that Finance Minister Mariano Browne delivered a presetation on the global financial situation and Government's response to participants at the General Council meeting. No mention was made of this, however, at the media conference.