13th September 2006




The Maha Sabha condemns the response of the State to the ultimatum issued by the Maha Sabha to the Attorney General. In response to the planned action by the SDMS, Cris Seecheran, Acting Executive Director at TATT, said it would be best if the SDMS reapplied for the licence using the new form. But given the fact that the SDMS has refused to reapply for the licence, and in order for TATT to adhere to its operating mandate, Seecheran said TATT was awaiting direction on what process it should follow in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.


The Maha Sabha wishes to make it abundantly clear that it will NOT full out any new application form to submit to the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago [TATT] because the Privy Council Judgment relates to the APPROVED APPLICATION which has been submitted since 1999. That application was evaluated and reviewed for the grant of a radio broadcast license since 2000. In fact a frequency was assigned as a result.

The SDMS view this intransigence and unwillingness of the government as simply perpetuating the discrimination already suffered by the Hindu Community.


The refusal to grant a license in the face of a specific and direct order from the highest court of the land violates the Rule of Law and undermines the enshrined Constitutional Rights of all citizens to Equality of Treatment.

The Maha Sabha wishes to make it clear that it intends to carry through with its ultimatum and threats to take contempt proceedings against the responsible Ministers of Government.


The Maha Sabha will NOT EVEN CONSIDER submitting a fresh application. The disparity of the treatment is further evidence of the fact that if you are perceived as a non-supporter of the ruling party, the government will not respect your fundamental right to equality of treatment. This is one law for Sat Maharaj and another law for Louis Lee Sing

Contact: Mr. Satnarayan Maharaj, Secretary General, SDMS

Tel:    663-1382, 645-2744, 645-3240