Advertising Rates  

SPOT BOOKINGS (30 seconds)

4am-6am $95  
6am-9am $150  
9am-3pm $120  
3pm-7pm $130  
7pm-midnight $90  
Overnight $60

Volume Discounts
$10,000 - $20,000 7% 15 second advert deduct 20%
$20,001 - $50,000 10% 45 second advert add 20%
$50,001 - $100,000 17% 60 second advert add 40%
$100,001 - up 20%    
Long term rates and discounts are for bookings between three (3) months to a year. October to December Add 20% to rate.



Media Regulations

  • Accredited advertising agencies will be granted commission on airtime rates (excluding talent fees and other attendant expenses), according to applicable industry standards.

  • All bookings and materials, if any, will be accepted subject to the Conpany's regulations in force from time to time. Commercial material will be accepted on CD, DAT, and MP3.

  • Either party giving the other 15days notice, in writing may cancel airtime bookings. Where the advertiser cancels, bookings will be charged at the rates appropriate to the broadcast taken.

  • No advertisements from the ALCOHOL, GAMING, MEAT, TOBACCO, and FETE industry will be allowed. Additionally all advertisements MUST also keep with the realms of decency. Any advertisement deemed by the Board and Management to be lewd, suggestive or not in good taste will not be allowed.

  • Rates do not include copyright fees other than performing rights

  • Advertisements at specific times - 20% additional surcharge

  • Rates are VAT Exclusive unless otherwise stated

  • The Hindu Broadcasting Network reserves the right to amend the RATE at any time during the period giving one month's notice

  • Conversion tables are available on request

  • A 10% surcharge will apply for preferred first of or preferred last ads with breaks of any programme